3 Ways To Create Fun And Productive Drills

3 Ways To Create Fun And Productive Drills For Any Concept, Principle or Skill

The most successful coaches keep their athletes motivated and passionate all season by:

Mastering the skill of reacting, adapting and improvising based on the situation. 

So their athletes get the most out of the workout.

Put another way:

You have the power to quickly come up with new drills to teach skills and concepts in a second.

This is a powerful skill to have.

And it’s a powerful skill shared among many of the great coaches (and players) you admire in the highest levels of professional basketball.

Here’s how you can do it too.

3 Ways to Create Fun and Productive Drills

Let me share three techniques you can implement right away so you can create fun and productive drills for any skill and basketball concept.

1. Study great teams

Analyze what they’re doing.

Breakdown what they do into its most fundamental level.

Reassemble the move.

Strategize how to apply it with your unique athletes.

When you uncover the fundamental principles, you can then work out how to apply the moves at different levels of intensity based on the age, level and ability of your unique athletes.

Then you’re able to create new drills out of a 1 on 1 move, 2-3 man action or formation.

This approach takes time.

Your knowledge deepens within a few weeks to a few months when you spend time every day working on it.

2. Invest in a basketball curriculum

This is a strategic way to fill your toolbox with thousands of drills, concepts and principles to refer to at a moment’s notice.

When you need inspiration or want to try something new… You can access a curriculum on your phone for ideas.

As an example, take GBB’s Full Curriculum.

I painstakingly pieced together over 130 proven basketball principles and more than 1200 developmentally correct game-like drills for every single skill.

It took me almost 17 years…

Refining the principles, testing the drills in the gym with real athletes before finally assembling it into 13 developmentally correct levels.

(I’m told it’s “Everything a coach needs to systematically take a player from absolute beginner all the way up to professional levels”)


When you look for a curriculum, you’re not looking for just a collection of drills.

You can get drills on YouTube.

You’re looking for a curriculum or training program that has a FRAMEWORK so you can understand how to apply and successfully implement everything inside.


GBB’s Full Curriculum focuses on systematic player development and growth using a holistic framework.

(I call it the PMED Formula which stands for Physical, Mental and Emotional Development)

Everything inside relates to holistic growth which focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social side of player development.

When you know how to apply the concepts, you can use them in different situations with different athletes with different abilities.

3. [RECOMMENDED] Get a basketball curriculum AND study great teams

This is the fastest, most predictable way to long-term success as a coach and with your team.

Use your curriculum as a resource.

Study great teams.

Uncover new moves, strategies and players.

Combine your new strategies with the concepts and drills inside your curriculum.

This approach almost guarantees you’ll have the edge in every situation.

Because your program is based on the proven fundamentals that have worked since the John Wooden days AND are fresh and new based on what your players are watching in the NBA.

3 Ways To Create Fun And Productive Drills

So, there you have it.

3 ways to quickly and predictably create an unlimited number of fun, engaging and productive drills for any skill, principle or concept.

If you’d like to get lifetime access to the Full Curriculum, you can do so on the page below for more than 50% off for the next few days.

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If you’d like myself and GBB Team to turn you into a master of coming up with effective drills on the fly… While building a team of athletes who consistently perform at their best.

If you’d like us to transform your player into an athlete who performs consistently, wins more games and is an asset to every team they’re on.

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Keep Getting After It


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