3 Biggest Mistakes I See A Lot Of Coaches Make

3 Biggest Mistakes I See A Lot Of Coaches Make. Are You Making Them Too?

The successful coaches have figured out how to get their players to perform more consistently on the court and act like winners off the court.

Today I want to share the same concepts so you can start applying it with your players.

The way to get players to perform more consistently and act like winners is down to the way they design their program.

The three biggest mistakes I’ve seen a lot of coaches make after being a player development coach for 20+ years are…

They get out of their comfort zone and try new things.

They take calculated risks to give themselves the edge.

Not only that, but they do things for the love of the game rather than for personal gain.

It’s a combination of these things over time that lead to more opportunities.

And one way to do this is by applying what I call…

The PMED Formula

This isn’t a fancy system or tactic.

It simply stands for:

Physical, Mental and Emotional Development.

Most curriculums (and a lot of coaches) focus on just physical development.

They neglect the mental development which teaches discipline, self-motivation and work ethic.

They neglect emotional development which gets players working together as a selfless team unit.

And they don’t have a progressive, systematic ultra-organized curriculum based on correct basketball principles to use as a framework.

When you apply the PMED Formula, you’ll inspire hard working players who want to train on their own and play as a team.

It’s a combination of the physical, mental and emotional that forms the foundation of a winning basketball program.

It’s the mechanism to teach players to be winners on the court and act like champions off the court.

Which is one of the reasons I assembled the Full Curriculum to help coaches (and parents) get their players performing consistently and acting like winners.

The Full Curriculum contains 130+ proven basketball principles and 1200+ drills.

Each video shows coaches (and parents) how to teach while simultaneously showing players how to execute in game-like situations.

It’s designed to give coaches (and parents) a blueprint to systematically take a player from an absolute beginner to professional level.

The curriculum divides into 13 individual levels with developmentally correct lessons based on a player’s age, level and ability.

What makes the Full Curriculum different from everything else?

The biggest reason (in my opinion) that stops coaches and players from reaching their full potential is…

They struggle with the implementation of drills, concepts and principles.

I’ve designed the Full Curriculum to show exactly how to implement everything in game-like situations with players of all ages, levels and abilities.

When you combine the implementation in game-like situations with physical, mental and emotional player development…

You build the complete player and team who perform consistently on the court and act like winners off the court.

More info on the page below: 


If you already have the Full Curriculum and want myself and the GBB team to coach you to successfully apply the principles Physical, Mental and Emotional Player Development to your team and players…

So you build a team of self-motivated, tough and highly effective players.

I’d like to invite you to join our group coaching program (we deduct the price you paid for the Full Curriculum) or one-on-one mentorship program.

Go to the page below to book a call with Mihai:


Keep Getting After It.


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