15 Words of Wisdom for High School Girls from Carolyn Peck

Carolyn Peck
15 Words of Wisdom from ESPN Analyst & former WNBA Champion, Carolyn Peck to all high school basketball players out there!
  1. You get one chance to make a first impression. Have a presence & self confidence.
  2. Watch your body language – there is always someone watching you.
  3. If you continue to hear how great you are, do not let this get you complacent.
  4. Sports teach you how to win and handle disappointments that come along the way.
  5. If you are an elite player coaches will find you – you don’t always have to go to camps to be seen.
  6. If you have an issue with your coach, how do you handle that? Coaches in college are not gonna tell you what you want to hear. You have to be ready to be held accountable.
  7. Make doing your best become a habit, that’s how winning is done!
  8. Each time you are in front of the media you have a chance to represent your team, family and yourself
  9. Be honest with yourself, family and teammates. Everything you say/post will be recorded so whatever you say/post will live forever!!  Think about it!
  10. Don’t let media affect your team or how you play.
  11. No one is successful by themselves.
  12. Receive coaching, that’s your job as a player!
  13. A former 5 time Olympian, Teresa Edwards says she gets her energy to play the game by: “I draw energy from the other players weaknesses. I get stronger because the other players look weaker!”
  14. Best Way to stay Humble- know the players that came before you! Success leaves footprints, so follow them!
  15. Players don’t realize how HARD you have to work and how good you have to be to go from high school to college and college to the pro’s.

BONUS – If you are being recruited:

Write down the 10 most important things of why you want to go to that school. When you choose a school, does that list compare with why you chose that particular school?  What is really important to you?

The hardest part of making a decision is telling someone no.

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