10 Commandments for Leaders

Are you currently a leader? Inspiring to be a leader? Or want to teach someone how to be a leader? Take a look at my 10 Commandments of what it takes being a Leader.

10 Commandments for Leaders

  1.  Be the first to the gym and last to leave. Your example must become contagious.
  2.  Teammate(s) need to hear your voice every 10 seconds in practice and games.  Encourage, challenge and remind!
  3.  Must lead the team in high fives.  It is proven that high fives means more to your teammates and contributes to winning than most realize.
  4. Two positive comments for every criticism.
  5.  To be a leader, you must be a dealer.  You must commit to selling excellence on a daily basis.  What should you deal? Discipline, effort, hope, unity. Great leaders realize early on that it’s NOT about dictating, it’s about selling.  Find ways to creatively package the important things. They MUST see the value and want to do it.
  6.  Commit to holding others to the same standards that you hold yourself to. Your success is dependent on the positive impact that you have on your teammates.  They must get addicted to your drug!
  7.  Your well can’t run dry.  To motivate others, you must continuously motivate yourself.  Take 30 minutes a day to re-energize. Read books, watch a motivational video/movie, spend time with someone who gives you life.
  8.  Always be up.  Your spirit cannot become tired, tight or sore.  You have only good and great days. Your emotions are a compass for teammates, they will follow your lead.
  9.  Take 5 minutes every day and single out a teammate/coach/manager/athletic trainer to encourage, hug or support.  Let them know that you care for them and believe in them.
  10. Character counts:  Make positive choices off the court!  No one is going to follow you if they can’t trust you.

Ganon Baker
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