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Life of Earl Watson

Life of Earl Watson You know you are in the presence of greatness when you can’t stop listening or smiling. Some people just have “glow” or that “it.”  Earl Watson JR has that “IT” Below is the nuggets I learned from Earl during my time at the CBA Academy.  Enjoy the read and I encourage …

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Advice On a regular, I receive texts, emails, calls and DM’s asking for advice/mentorship on different topics in the basketball world such as; coaching job offers, advice on the skills training business, etc. People want my opinion and advice.   I always start by asking them the list of questions below. This forces them to think …

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My Perspective on the Skills Training Industry by Korey Harris

My thoughts & advice on the Basketball Skills Training Industry After having the chance to follow and observe Ganon Baker’s journey for the past 10 years, I would say that his career benefited because of his versatility. I have seen some Skills Development Trainers get pigeon holed in one particular demographic of players, however, Ganon …

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Self Development

Self Development As promised, here is the follow up blog about Self Development. If you haven’t read last week’s blog on IMPROVEMENT, read it first! I am going to touch on two areas of self development that work for me: Physical & Mental development  Physically: Part of being a GREAT basketball skills trainer is the …

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Sleep,Work,Play – 24hrs Thanks to current head coach of LMU and a great friend of mine Mike Dunlap, for always giving me advice when I see him. This blog is inspired by Coach Mike. Below is a tweet of his that resonated tremendously in my spirit. “The only way to truly reach your potential is …