Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity is summed up by, “if you do something nice for me, I’ll do something nice for you.” There has to be great reciprocity in all the relationships you have in your team, family, co-workers, significant other or program’s. What ever you receive from the people and teammates you are involved with, give …

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Next Level (Part 1)

What is the definition of a high level, elite level person and basketball players? Can you spot it? I hear the term ELITE and NEXT LEVEL everyday. People say it in conversations or I read about it, especially in the basketball world. Sure, it’s fun, it’s exciting. High level engages us without a lot of …

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Ganon Baker with arm around Chinese basketball player. He is sharing basketball knowledge with the player.

Share and Tell

It’s Share & Tell, not Show & Tell I have always been a “show me, leader,” but now I like to call it “share me, leader!”  I’ll share with you what I can do. I not only SHARE with you, but I also SHOW YOU and it’s at a very high level. I will then …

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Universal Teaching Style Ganon Baker

Universal Teaching Style

Teaching Basketball Worldwide In the Basketball Skills Training industry,  I don’t think there are many, or any at all, that has such a universal teaching style that connects to so many cultures, age groups and playing levels!  “Your teaching style is universal, it connects with everyone.” Steve Lavin (former NCAA Coach & Fox Sports analysts) …

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Ganon Baker Lesson

Elicit a Buy-In

Elicit a Buy-In Here are eight (8) techniques to get good players, weak players, ALL players to trust you and buy into you as a coach. I explain the eight techniques in further detail in the VLOG below. Lean in and listen! 1) Speak the truth. You better know what you’re talking about. Coach what …

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