Intermediate Curriculum Levels

This is a curriculum that builds your game after you have mastered the Basic Curriculum and is also split into four (4) levels that contain great individual and team drills and concepts.This helps the player, coach and trainer master all the necessary skills that a player should have by the time they enter high school level competition.

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Intermediate Curriculum

Find the right level for you!

Level 1

A comprehensive and systematic curriculum that will start introducing you to more complex skills and drills in order to continue to aid with your growth as a player, coach or trainer. This is great for players 11 to 14 years old.


Level 2

Continue to build your game in order to dominate middle school competition by using the individual and team drills and concepts that continue to challenge the basketball player. This level builds off Level 1 and prepares you for Levels 3 and 4.



Instant access to all four (4) systematic levels of the Intermediate Curriculum. Build your workouts at your own pace and help different level players grow their game. Purchasing the bundle also saves you 15% of the total price.


Level 3

The focus on the individual player continues to remain the same however the team drills and concepts continue to amp up by introducing drills that jive with any teams offensive system.


Level 4

The culmination of all the previous 11 levels of learning. Players, trainers and coaches that have followed the curriculum from start to finish are now able to play and coach at the collegiate level from a knowledge perspective.