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Basketball Curriculum is

This new comprehensive basketball curriculum will change how people learn the game of basketball worldwide. It is perfect for players and coaches from the beginner all the way through to professionals. Not only do we show players how to train, but we show coaches and trainers how to teach!

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Basketball Curriculum

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A comprehensive and systematic curriculum that is focused on introducing and building the fundamentals of basketball. Each of the four (4) levels build on each other with references in order to build the complete fundamental basketball player and contains great individual and team drills and concepts. This curriculum is VITAL for players that are new to basketball, coaches and trainers that are teaching players ages six (6) to ten (10) year old.


This is a curriculum that builds your game after you have mastered the Basic Curriculum and is also split into four (4) levels that contain great individual and team drills and concepts.This helps the player, coach and trainer master all the necessary skills that a player should have by the time they enter high school level competition.


In this curriculum Ganon is focusing on Elite level skills, drills and workouts with the assumption that the player, coach and trainer have mastered the skills detailed in the Basic and Intermediate curriculums. This curriculum is recommended for players, coaches and trainers at the high school and collegiate levels. It contains great individual and team drills and concepts.


This is a curriculum composed of cutting edge skills, drills and workouts for players, coaches and trainers that find themselves in the highest of collegiate ranks and professional levels around the Globe. All the videos in this curriculum are instructed with the assumption that the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced skills sets are fully mastered. This is based on 20 years of workouts with NBA, WNBA, Euro League, Euro Cup, CBA and many other high level professional league players.


Troy Dennie
High Impact Hoops
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Co- founder, along with my wife Melissa and Lead Trainer of High Impact Hoops. We deliver youth basketball skill development, game skill application.
We’ve been able to benefit from the opportunity to study under the GBB Full Curriculum, with the detailed teaching methods and clear skill progression, it has made an immense impact on our training.
High Impact Hoops prides itself in emphasizing the fundamentals and skills necessary to play basketball within a team system. The GBB curriculum is a perfect learning and teaching tool for players, coaches, and trainers of all levels.
Ganon and his team put together a super comprehensive program that will propel all those who engage and participate to be better. The fundamentals of footwork, ball handling, driving, passing, finishing, rebounding and defense in conjunction with game theory and footwork series gives the curriculum the whole package.
We look forward to continuing to learn from GBB and the nation, and we we encourage the Basketball community to check it it and GET AFTER IT!
Justin Anderson
SWFL Basketball Academy
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Fundamentals are not easy to teach, kids tend to lose interest fairly quick nowadays. I found the curriculum to be very helpful especially with breaking up the monotony of my workouts. I am a former college b-ball coach/player and now I coach varsity basketball in Naples, Florida.
Also, on the side, I do a lot of 1on1, group training, camps and clinics etc. Regarding the curriculum - It’s pretty in depth, a lot of good information which I can use with adding some nuances to my teaching.
Craig Prather
Dillard HS Women’s Basketball Coach
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As the lead for skills development for our Dillard HS GBB players this summer, the curriculum has been EXTREMELY helpful with the development of more organized, comprehensive and progressive skills training throughout the summer. As a consumer of Ganon's skills development tools previously, I have always been quite pleased with his instructional videos. However, this more comprehensive and progressive tool bag of great "tools" is simply phenomenal. Coupled with the detailed instructional videos, the Teaching Points and systematic curriculum flow have made re-learning the fundamentals of basketball process very productive, educational and fun.