My Purpose

I am regarded as one of the premier basketball skill coaches in the World.

I’ve been around the game of basketball, the skill training business and the coaching world for over 30 years.

My journey has been filled with invaluable lessons in basketball and business along the way (Some learned the hard way). I’ve been able to pass this knowledge forward any time a Player, Coach or Skill Trainer would ask for help and in turn, this helped them all improve beyond their dreams.

I continue to grow personally by constantly connecting with people all over the world that have proven to be excellent resources for anyone that plays or coaches the beautiful game of basketball.

I’ve made it my personal mission to help even more people reach levels of excellence that might seem impossible at times.

The Breakdown

Since June 2001, I’ve been traveling all over the globe impacting the game of basketball via player training, coaching clinics and coach mentorship. 

I’ve delivered knowledge filled with energy, passion, and love for basketball and people in 48 US states, 47 countries, 5 continents – while reaching over 10,000 coaches and players a year. 

I’ve trained players from the Professional level (NBA, WNBA, CBA, Euro League and more), collegiate level (NCAA, NJCAA, U Sports and more), high school and middle school levels. 

I have held coaching clinics in front of over 20,000 coaches globally and my Ganon Baker Certification process has been earned by over 2,500 coaches worldwide. 

My coaching mentorship group has over 1,000 members (and growing) that meet virtually every month to share knowledge as it relates to the game and impacting the generation of tomorrow. 


Players crave my knowledge and energy for getting them better.

Coaches are searching for innovative on-court drills and various ways to create a relationship with their players as well as the constant life-related lessons I deliver through my coaching clinics and private mentorship sessions.

As a result over the past several years I have created a Systematic Online Curriculum created to satisfy the needs of players, coaches and parents for every level of play starting at ground zero and guiding them along to the (hopeful) professional ranks.

Although I still travel the world extensively I now host players and coaches at my headquarters in Melbourne Beach, Florida for private training and mentorship.

Recently I’ve partnered up with Ustar Sports and their Club Prodigy in China. A sports education company based in Shanghai, China. Together we envision developing future leaders of society through our robust, innovative, sports curriculum which fully embraces the student athlete model.

Learn More

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