20 Ways to Have an Impact on the Game During the Shutdown

  • You can be victorious during this virus
  • What exactly does this time provide to your players? What can they accomplish?
1. Enhance Your Mental and Emotional Game With
  • TedTalks
  • Listen to pros talk on other platforms
  • Youtube to see other players with similar obstacles/battles
  • Podcasts
2. Empower Your Players to do the Following
  • Take notes
  • Watch film – offensive/defensive etc.
  • Get your coaches playbook
  • Write down your coach’s philosophies to utilize through this pandemic
  • Ask what are my roles, strengths and weaknesses as a player?
3. Encourage Physical Work
  • Drills with ball
  • Drills without a ball
  • Drills with a hoop
  • Stamina skills
  • Drills should all include a time and a score
4. Hold Your Players Accountable
  • Get players to film shooting/driving techniques to be able to give them feedback
  • Get them to send these to you and yes, you do have time
  • This allows you as a coach, to see that:
    • They’re going hard
    • They’re doing it right
    • They’re doing it over (reps)
  • Have them send you their exercise journal, spreadsheet of workouts etc.
5. Encourage Mental Work
  • Help your players grow
  • Ensure that players are being grateful
  • Encourage your player’s aptitude
6. Assign Player Development Tasks
  • Ie. Direct message 5-10 coaches, nba players, trainers that you love 10 times until they answer and if they don’t, who cares?
  • 2 Questions Players Can Ask These Mentors
    1. What’s your skill self improvement before and after the virus? What do you do to work on your game and to get better?
    2. What are 2 things that I can do when I go back to practice with my teammates in the game in order to create a connection? How can this encourage trust and respect?
7. Players Can Start a Basketball Journal/Notebook
  • What are you doing alone to get better?
  • What are you doing with teammates to stay connected?
  • What are you doing to better your life in general?
  • Can you gain knowledge with these notes and apply them elsewhere?
8. Encourage Emotional Work
  • Clear the air with your coach if there’s anything that’s been left undiscussed.
  • What can I change during this time?
  • What flaws can I improve upon or ask for help with in order to manage?
9. Encourage Spiritual Work
  • Find devotional time in your life, however this may look for the specific individual.
  • Make this time a priority every single day.
10. Coaches Can Implement Player Evaluations
  • Player development reports for each individual
  • One-on-one video calls
  • SWAT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, attitude and threats
    • Have empathy
    • Use truth
    • Use facts
    • Be a listener
    • Forgive
    • Trust
    • Have an organized plan of action
11. Coaches Can Implement Team Evaluations
  • Both video and written
    • Offensive
    • Defensive
    • Long court/short court Transition
    • Shot clock etc.
  • Hold team video calls
  • What will you change or implement when the virus is lifted?
12. Encourage The Culture
  • Ask the community surrounding your players with a survey:
    • What kind of team do we have?
    • What do we like/dislike?
    • What does the associated school like/dislike?
    • How do we display privately/public/on the court/in the locker room?
    • Analyze everything during this time to learn more about your team
13. If Players Are Being Too Silent and Not Talking, Fix it Now
  • Be self aware as a coach and fix any behaviour (or lack thereof) right away, even right now.
  • Make sure you are reflecting the behaviour you are asking for from players.
    • You model passion
    • Have external positive emotion
    • You model creative talks
    • Be creative, clear, correct, easy to follow, impactful and charismatic when you coach and/or teach
    • Be good at being a good example. This takes practice (in the mirror, with a friend, with your own child etc.)
14. Continue to Manufacture Behaviour in Your Players
  • How? Enforce these values – make them do it
  • Organize and create the talks
  • Punish them if they don’t do what you are enforcing
  • Verbalize the behaviour you want to see
  • Do this all the time and be consistent with it
15. Talk
  • Call your teammates, your coach, other player’s parents, other mentors etc.
  • Discuss each other’s workout videos, lives or whatever you want
  • Let shy player be in charge of the discussion, support them, but make them do it
  • Let everyone do a “Testimony Tuesday” or a no quit story
  • Talk should still be player-player, coach-player, coach-coach, parent-player and coach-parent, even during this time
16. Reciprocity
  • It’s a team sport, so keep on being a team even at a physical distance
  • If the coach is giving passion, players have to be passionate back
  • If the game has been good to you, you have to be good to the game
17. Create “Non Stat” Rewards
  • Most punctual on calls
  • Teammate who celebrates the most
  • Most consistent with their workouts
  • Best videographer
  • Most intense basketball journal/notebook
  • Give out GOOD rewards too (Jordan’s, Outback $50 gift card etc.)
18. Ensure That The Reps Are Still Happening
  • Preparation breeds confidence
    • Repetition is the mother of success
    • Get them to work out more so they believe in their skills
19. Film Edits and Feedback
  • Past film evaluations during previous games
  • Current film evaluations of at home workouts
  • All right reads
  • All wrong reads
  • Film on role models
  • Film on aggressive plays
  • Film on non aggressive plays
  • Feedback from coaches and teammates
20. Celebrate Your Players
  • When they succeed, even during this virus, really go out of your way to encourage and celebrate every single one
I am holding a Masterclass this Thursday and will talk about "How to Be Successful While Staying At Home - Ways to Help Players and Coaches Get Better!"

I will cover:

  • Practicing at home with limited equipment
  • Motivating players to workout at home
  • Getting players to commit and to be consistent
  • Drills and fundamentals to do at home
  • Keeping in touch with players during the shutdown and beyond in the off-season