Use My 129 Proven Basketball Principles to Effortlessly Translate Your Workouts Into Point-Scoring And Game-Winning Opportunities

129 Practical Basketball Teaching Points So You Build A Team Of Winners Who Consistently Perform Like Champions

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129 Proven Basketball Principles shows you how to effectively and consistently coach basketball so everything you work on in the gym translates directly into game-like situations.

Quickly design your individual workouts, group sessions or your entire season’s training program using these 129 basketball teaching points.

So your players always understand the why and the how behind everything you teach.

All it takes is one teaching point, one motivational technique, one new concept to completely transform a player or team into high-performing future champions.

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When you get your players executing your drills and moves on the court, your team is going to outplay any opposition they’re up against.

Problem is, it’s hard to find the right training that shows players precisely how to translate what they learn in the gym into real, game-like situations.

I’ve spent years searching.

But all I see are videos showing a drill or some fancy social media move that never works in the real world.

So I’ve created 129 Proven Basketball Principles containing 129 teaching points, videos and PDFs.

I’ve specifically designed this package to show you how to coach your players so they

  • Execute your training on the court.
  • Translate your drills and moves into point-scoring plays.
  • Perform more consistently in every game

  • Score more points and rebounds
  • Win more games
  • Have a real shot at being the best team in your league.

I'm Ganon Baker

Former pro player, skills training pioneer and basketball innovator for 25+ years

I’ve trained 100,000s players and coaches ranging from kids at High School and Middle School Levels to Division I.

I’ve worked with numerous NBA superstars, both current and past including the likes of LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Vince Carter to name a few.

And I’ve directly influenced most of today’s top basketball influencers such as Ryan Razooky and Micah Lancaster.


129 Proven Basketball Principles

129 Basketball Teaching Points Designed So Any Player At Any Level Can Quickly And Consistently Build Their Individual And Team Skills

129 Proven Basketball Principles is ideal for:
  • Coaches and assistant coaches at elementary, middle and high school.
  • NCAA, NBA, Euro League and other pro level coaches and assistant coaches
  • Players – Both male and female – at any age and level from young kids who have never touched a ball before through to the best pro level players out there.
  • Skills trainers and player development coaches who want to grow their business by transforming your client’s game faster than ever before.
  • Parents who want to help their son or daughter reach their full potential to increase their shot at landing scholarships.

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You're Getting 129 Basketball Teaching Points Showing You How To Get Your Players Applying Everything You Teach On The Court

  • 32 Basic Level Teaching Points: Perfect for kids ages 5 through elementary school
  • 39 Intermediate Level Teaching Points: Ideal for upper Middle school and high school players
  • 35 Advanced Level Teaching Points: Challenging for upper high school and lower collegiate players
  • 23 Pro Level: Teaching points and moves for pro players in the NCAA, NBA etc

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Inside 129 Proven Basketball Principles

32 Basic Level Teaching Points Including...


It all starts with your handle --- without a great one, you’re sunk! When your players apply my unstoppable dribble moves for every situation on the court, they’ll achieve great separation from defenders and closer to the rim, creating all sorts of scoring opportunities for everyone.


When your players understand ALL the driving options available to them, they’ll shoot more often, pass more accurately and consistently create space for their teammates. Show your players which lanes to drive in different situations and how to cause the opposition’s defense to collapse.


Show your players how to effortlessly use their body to protect the ball, create different angles for an accurate pass and make space to set up their shot. These pivot concepts trainplayers to slip away from their defender even when they’re under pressure.

Setting a Screen

Setting a screen involves waaaaay more than just picking a spot and holding it. It’s all about WHERE … and HOW you do it. Master the finer points of setting a pick and then watch your players instinctively know how to get themselves or their teammates open in every situation. Discover concepts like how to pinpoint exactly where a player should point their back to gain the biggest advantage, as well as how to set a proper screen.

Plus, much, much more.

39 Intermediate Level Teaching Points Including...

Where to Post, How to Post, Why to Post

Train your players to be a great teammate and how to use their body weight using these different post up techniques so they can shoot the ball against even the strongest defender. Without risking getting pulled for an offensive foul.

Drive and Fill Behind

Master the “Vacuum Principle” so your players instinctively fill any open spot on the court when driving. This lets your players strategically get into position for an offensive rebound or cut to the basket to receive the pass.

Post Penetration Passing

Train your players how to intuitively make split-second decisions while driving to the hoop. Your team will always have the edge because you’ve already passed or faked as the defender is still trying to decide whether to leave or guard.


Always have the edge when you’re playing against bigger, stronger and more athletic players by mastering this misdirection finishing concept. Coach your players so they step around and slip past their defender.

L cut, stop cut, Fake 1 way

These concepts show players how to consistently get more space against fast defenders so they can get themselves or their teammates open.


This super quick move trains players to change direction, protect the ball or gain ground while going to the basket. When you master this last-second move, it’s almost impossible to stop you advancing towards the hoop.

Plus, much, much more.

35 Advanced Level Teaching Points Including...

2 Ball Driving

Develop ball handling skills that directly translate to game-like situations without needing to practice with a live defender. These concepts are perfect to get players practicing at home while improving their dexterity, speed and decision-making skills.

Behind Back Pass

Discover how to create countless options the defense doesn’t expect so you can hit open teammates including while sprinting down the court. These teaching points create an all-round versatile player.

Learn Terminology

Be sure everyone understands your teaching by using the right terminology in your workouts. Create powerful soundbites so you can quickly convey your message to your players during practice or in a game.

Break the Angle Drill

Quickly create more space and angles between you and your receiver based on where the defender is. This shows players how to make more accurate passes when under pressure.

Pro Concept Post Up

Master these advanced concepts and your players always know how to post up quickly and efficiently from anywhere on the court. Discover when a player should post up the lane and when they should walk the guy under the hoop.


Language and terminology are a vital part of your coaching repertoire. Discover how to use words and phrases to get yourself and your players engaged, motivated and working together as a team.


Teach players how to pressure their opposition to force a quick decision. Gain the edge by outsmarting the defenders and giving yourself an extra second to create space and make the pass to an open player.

KD Shot Fake

Train your players to use their length and athletic ability to get to the basket so they have enough time to get their shot off.

Plus, much, much more.

23 Pro Level Teaching Points Including...


Master all the ICE concepts so your opposition never handcuffs you during a play. Train your players to recognize and read defenders so they can correctly anticipate what they’re going to do next.

Closeouts Reads n Score

These advanced decision-making teaching points let you coach your players to know exactly how to recognize what the defender is doing. When you do this, your player can make fast decisions to get around the defender.

Split Cut

This concept shows players how to quickly create space using their speed and agility on the court. Execute this in a split second and get the pass to an open player waiting to make the shot. You can do this off the screen, off a post feed or fake the screen.

1 dribble 1 hand pass

Master your passing dexterity and on-court decision-making so your ball handler knows how to get a second passing angle with a pivot and make the right pass. You gotta have the skills to get the ball to where it needs to be every time.

Plus, much, much more.

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1. Ten Commandments of Offensive Development (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00

The 10 Commandments are guidelines to live by when teaching offensive skills. These are physical teaching cues you can use to get your point across clearly. I recommend using these as sound bites and verbal cues so you can teach more effectively, efficiently and ensure players stay on task.

2. Super 6 Stages of Coaching Intervention (Video & Printable PDF) – Value - $19.00

The best coaches know exactly how and when to intervene during practice to give praise, feedback and correct mistakes. Follow these six guidelines so your players always understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Plus know the right way to give praise to reinforce positive behaviors and break bad habits without breaking the player’s spirit.

3. Ten Teaching Methods to Take Your Players and Team to the Next Level (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00

Just one of these can instantly see your team performing better than ever. Discover how many drills to teach in each workout, how long you should run game-like drills, what to do when you can’t demo the move and more.

4. Ten Offensive Goals To Motivate And Inspire Your Players (Video & Printable PDF) – Value - $19.00

When a player completes your program, they should be proficient in these ten offensive goals. Use this as a compass to create your winning program to guide yourself towards success with each and every one of your players.

Get These 129 Teachings Points

Showing Every Type Of Player From Absolute Beginners To Pros
How To Effectively Translate What They Learn In Practice To Points On The Board In Games
  • 32 Basic level teaching points – Suitable for absolute beginners and middle school players
  • 39 Intermediate level teaching points – Suitable for high school players
  • 35 Advanced level teaching points – Suitable for upper high school and lower collegiate
  • 23 Pro level teaching points – Suitable for players in the top leagues including the NBA/ WNBA, NCAA, Euro League.

We currently sell each individual teaching point for $15.00

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  • Bonus #1 – Ten Commandments of Offensive Development (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00
  • Bonus #2 – Super 6 Stages of Coaching Intervention (Video & Printable PDF) – Value – $19.00
  • Bonus #3 – Ten Teaching Methods to Take Your Players and Team to the Next Level (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00
  • Bonus #4 – Ten Offensive Goals To Motivate And Inspire Your Players (Printable PDF) – Value – $19.00
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Get ready to effortlessly and consistently take your game and your players game to the next level

129 Proven Basketball Principles

These 129 Teaching Points Consistently Take Players To Their Peak Performance Every Single Time

A Quick Recap Of Everything You’re Getting

1) 32 Basic level teaching points – Suitable for absolute beginners and middle school players – Value $480.00

2) 39 Intermediate level teaching points – Suitable for high school players – Value – $585.00

3) 35 Advanced level teaching points – Suitable for upper high school and lower collegiate – Value $525.00

4) 23 Pro level teaching points – Suitable for players in the top leagues including the NBA/ WNBA, NCAA, Euro League. – Value $345

5) Bonus #1 – Ten Commandments of Offensive Development (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00

6) Bonus #2 – Super 6 Stages of Coaching Intervention (Video & Printable PDF) – Value – $19.00

7) Bonus #3 – Ten Teaching Methods to Take Your Players and Team to the Next Level (Video & Printable PDF) – Value $19.00

8) Bonus #4 – Ten Offensive Goals To Motivate And Inspire Your Players (Printable PDF) – Value – $19.00

9) Bonus #5 – 45 Minute Free Strategy Session if you get in before midnight EST on Sunday 11th October – Value $150.00

Total Value: $2161

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Do I get lifetime access to 129 Proven Basketball Principles?

Yes, when you get in today you’ll have 24/7 access to the training program 365 days of the year.

Is there a recurring payment?

No. When you get in today at the special promotional price, the total you’ll pay for lifetime access is $129.

Can I access 129 Proven Basketball Principles on my mobile?

You can access it from all your electronic devices including your smartphone, tablet and laptop. This means you can pull out any of the game-changing teaching points in a second at any time you need them. We’ve specifically designed it this way so you have fast access when you need them the most such as during your final timeout.

There’s so much value here, it feels too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

20 years ago, I was one of the first player development coaches.

Today, the industry I helped create has a bad rep because of incompetent coaches who are more interested in getting likes and comments than teaching the game seriously.

I’m on a mission to change the perception of player development coaches in the game.

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