The Basketball Test-Questions Every BB Player Should Know


Here at Ganon Baker Basketball we do a lot of teaching on the physical skills of the game.  We get players bodies ready!  Their strength, stamina, skills and explosiveness are very important.  Today we wanted to talk about the mental part of the game.  This article can be very beneficial for both players and coaches.

In my experience of training pros and college players, all of them embrace taking their MIND to the gym as well as their BODIES.  A good way to do that is to watch film.  When I spent 5 days with Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, he constantly talked about watching himself on film during the summer.  Here is what he looked for:

1)      His defensive stance on and off the ball

2)      His offensive movement, particularly off the ball

3)      How his defender guarded him, off the ball, on the catch, on the drive, on the finish.

4)      His moves (this is where he said he wore the rewind button out). If he made a shot he wanted to see how he could repeat that again, if he missed a shot he wanted to see how he could correct it.

5)      His jump shot form and his shot selection.

6)      Now during the season Kobe gets a game tape of his opponent before every game.  He wants to STUDY who he’s guarding, their tendencies, and what the other team is running.  He wants to see a game film of that team the last time they played the Lakers.  He wants to know what defense they threw at him, how many defenders guarded him and where the double was coming from.  This man is COMMITTED to getting better and developing his BB IQ!

Another guy that watches film is Amar’e Stoudemire.  When I would pick him up for training he would be watching old films of Hakeem Olajuwon.  He would be studying his offensive footwork, his positioning, and poise when he caught it in the post.  We would then go out and work on those moves. You See it, You can Think it, now You go out and Do it!!

Watching film is a great way to develop your game in your mind.

Look out for the next article on Questions Every Basketball Player Should Know.  This will be a list of questions we ask and quiz our Nike All- Americans on.

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